A patrol officer who happened to be inside the station

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payday loans And asked for cigarettes before brandishing a semi automatic pistol, sources said. The suspect then beat Ataie and shot him. He was taken to the hospital, but died during surgery payday loans, his son said.A patrol officer who happened to be inside the station witnessed the armed robbery and fired a shot at the suspect, hitting his torso. payday loans

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The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA IO) recently announced Serial ATA Revision 3.2 and with that comes the first implementation of SATA Express. You know what SATA Express is right? It is the new specification that blends PCI Express with Serial ATA to come up with a super faster interface that alleviates the SATA bottleneck that we’ve run into with the majority of high end Solid State Drives (SSDs). The SATA III specification allowed for up to 6Gbps (600MB/s), which was fast back in the day https://www.paydayloans16.com/, but now with the new the SATA Express standard you can expect to speeds of up to 16Gbps (1.97GB/s) very soon..

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