Many moons ago, I (Alex Sains) first picked up Final Fantasy VII. You can read more about my experience with it by visiting this link. Anyway, I digress. I love this series better than any other game series I’ve played, of which there are many.

Not only this, but I also have a passion for creating (albeit not very good) websites; is thus far my favourite by quite a way. Obviously having these two interests drew me to the natural conclusion that it might be fun to actually make my very own website. I’d made general gaming websites before; this had been a little ambitious as the gaming world is so vast. “Ah, now that’ll be fun and easy” I naively thought to myself… how very wrong I was! It’s not at all easy to do if you want a half decent Website, and you really have to put a lot of time into making it work out.

I hope you enjoy your time here, hopefully even so much you want to help it advance and make it among the most useful Final Fantasy websites around.