If you would like to affiliate with us, then e-mail us and we’ll consider your site. We have a few conditions stipulated below:

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  • Sites with popups / ads all over them (this mainly happens with Geocities, AngelFire, etc.) are not allowed.
  • We would prefer that the site is written in standard English. By this, we mean that we don’t want to see masses of slang, ‘SMS Speak’, and we would also prefer that the use of smilie faces and such emoticons are kept to a minimum.
  • Obviously we wont affiliate with sites that have no video game content or that contain hentai/porn. Certainly Final Fantasy XXX material is banned!
  • We wont affiliate with those who support/endorse illegal activities.
  • We would hope that your site would have atleast some original content; we see no point in linking to a site just because it looks attractive.
  • In terms of traffic / visitors / hits to your site, our requirements aren’t too harsh. While we’d prefer if our affiliates got around 1,000 or more unique visits a day, we understand there are some amazing sites out there that don’t. If you believe (or indeed we believe that your site isn’t that great yet (i.e. not a lot of content, or a poor design, etc.), then it is better to wait until you have more to offer before applying.
  • While your site does not necessarily require 1,000 or more unique visitors, we are almost certain to turn your application down if you have less than the suggested traffic and also have less than 200 pages of content. So, if you have only 100 pages and receive 500 visitors a day, it would be better for us to exchange links rather than affiliate!

    Please note that due to the large list of affiliates we have, we are having to be very strict on new affiliates: please do not apply at this time if you receive less than 500 verifiable visitors per day.

Apart from that, there are no huge concerns. If we like your site, we’ll affiliate. We reserve the right to decline, but please apply anyway – what’s the worst that can happen?