Here are our affiliates thus far. We’re very pleased to be associated with these sites, please take a look.

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Zelda Central:
Our first affiliate, ZC is one of the biggest Legend of Zelda web sites on the internet. It boasts several interesting and unique features, and its forum, the Forest Haven is a much respected and prosperous web community. More developments to come, to – in a private conversation with myself, Barry, the webmaster, revealed that there were plans to really get ZC going in a big way over the summer. I strongly recommend anyone who is in any way interested in the Legend of Zelda to pay a visit to ZC.

Final Fantasy Hybrid:
FFH is an awesome site that you will know doubt remember for it’s amazing media. Since their media was removed they have progressed in terms of written content, especially for their Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus sub-sites. Check them out.

Final Fantasy Synthesis:
Since both FFS and FFNet were in their very early days, we have been affiliated. Back in ‘the day’, when FFS was known as Highwind, I received an affiliation request from Greg and after careful consideration I accepted his request. Boy am I glad I did! The site has gone from a small, free-hosted fansite to one of the largest and most comprehensive Final Fantasy references on the Internet. Not only that, it seems to grow with each day that passes!

Dirge of Cerberus:
Dirge of Cerberus is, as the name suggests, a web site dedicated to the PS2 Final Fantasy VII sequal, Dirge of Cerberus, and does so in an efficient and timely manner! It’s constantly updated and recently the forum has opened, so we can expect another large Final Fantasy community at DoC!

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania:
The very best Kingdom Hearts Web site on the Internet. Enough said.

The Final Fantasy:
One of the oldest and funnest Final Fantasy pages on the web, TFF has always been a site that people look to for inspiration when making their own sites. Definitely check TFF out!

Final Fantasy Shrine:
Final Fantasy Shrine is arguably the biggest Final Fantasy site on the net today. It has a ton of information for the bulk of the games and movies, and has a very lively community. I’d be very surprised if you hadn’t already been to FFShrine on many occasions before.

Final Fantasy Ultima:
Now, this site is great! It has a vibrant layout which keeps you wanting to see more; the content is well written and there’re also plenty of activities for readers to immerse themselves in. FFU is also one of the friendlier Final Fantasy web sites out there – believe me, there are plenty of not-so-friendly sites, and so this is a refreshing change. Final Fantasy Ultima is highly recommended by Final Fantasy Net; we believe it’s one of the very best there is!

Galbadia Hotel:
A comprehensive Final Fantasy media archive. Hosted by our other affiliate Final Fantasy Shrine.

More of our awesome affiliates!

Zelda X:
One of the medium sized sites out there, Zelda X is quickly becoming famous among the big Legend of Zelda web sites. We decided to affiliate with Zelda X because of their attractive layout and obvious potential – their webmaster revealed that the site will soon be uploading over 500 MB of media onto the site to boost interactivity. Zelda X opened 2 years ago, and will no doubt be alive for a long time!

Final Fantasy Advanced:
An excellent Final Fantasy fansite that is preparing to return to its former glory under the leadership of FFHybrid owner, zeZi.

Final Fantasy Fanatics:
FFF is one of the larger unofficial Final Fantasy sites out there, and is highly respected in the community. The site has large sections for most of the Final Fantasy games, and has quite a few large and interesting downloads, including movies and music files. I would strongly recommend paying them a visit.

Lost Fantasy:
Lost Fantasy is one of the nicest looking Square Enix sites on the internet. It displays a lot of quality information, and has a multitude of different ‘skins’, so that readers can change the appearance of Lost Fantasy should they wish to! Very nice!

Christian RPG:
Christian RPG is an awesome, christianity related RPG site. It mainly covers the Final Fantasy series, but also has plenty of exciting and note worthy material on other games such as Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Grandia 3, and Radiata Stories. Christian RPG is sure to become a huge success story in the years to come; it is a pleasure to visit and look at, even if, like me, you’re not christian! Check this one out.

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