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In order for us to display your link, your site must have content suitable for children – no adult sites. You must also place a link to Final Fantasy Net on your web site.


Final Fantasy World:
FFWorld is one of the top new(ish) Final Fantasy sites, and it’s from the UK like FFNet.org! FFWorld has quite recently changed it’s layout to a much funkier and sleek design which will help propel it to the top.

Final Fantasy Crystals:
An old school Final Fantasy site which everyone thought had disappeared forever has finally returned, better than ever. An excellent site, always worth a look.

The Distant Star:
The Distant Star is a community central for non-professional sci-fi and fantasy authors and readers.

A really nice site for RPG games including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and the Chrono series, as well as a growing community for gamers. They provide a lot of different material from other Final Fantasy pages, such as self-captured videos. You really must check them out!

Final Fantasy Insider:
One of the largest Final Fantasy websites, features masses of information on the games and offers a lively forum community. This is a site no Final Fantasy fan should miss!

Kingdom Hearts Belgium:
This is a great Kingdom Hearts sites, specialising in Belgian content. It’s definitely worth a good look though, whatever country you’re from!

Final Fantasy Future:
A superb Final Fantasy outlet with one of the most original and interesting layouts we have come across. The news is constantly updated, and the forums are increasingly become a competitive and enjoyable Final Fantasy community.

Square Apex:
Square Apex is a really promising new Square Enix site which promises to offer a load of quality information related to the Square series. The layout they have is really nice and clean, and we’d certainly recommend devoting a few minutes looking over their site.

Final Fantasy Ward:
Another really strong site with an inviting and interesting layout. FF Ward provides content on all of the more recent Final Fantasy games, and also covers a lot of other Square games such as the Chrono series. FF Ward is an old site which commands a lot of respect! Check it out.

Memorias de Final Fantasy:
One of the best Spanish Final Fantasy sites. “La web de Final Fantasy que esperabas. Roms, noticias, secciones para usuarios, secretos, imágenes y mucho más…”

Kingdom Hearts Realm:
This one is a really nice, well designed Kingdom Hearts site, which features all or most of the information any Kingdom Hearts player could possibly desire. Thus, if you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, you should definitely check this site out!

Suteki Square:
Wow, another awesome site! I only just found this site, and I am glad I did. It has an absolute load of content on a huge range of games, including the entire Final Fantasy series. Suteki Square is one of the richest providers of Square-Enix material you will find on the web today, and the layout is very professionally rendered, as well!

Final Fantasy Nemesis:
Another great site which has been running since 2003, FF Nemesis provides plenty in the way of exciting downloads as well as loads of original help on the games. FF Nemesis also has an attractive and immersive forum, sure to delight any fan!

Yunalesca is back and better than ever – now with an awesome UK domain, Yunalesca will be providing information on a more diverse selection of games than a lot of sites, as well. Games included are, of course, the Final Fantasy series, Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and Siren. It’s good to know that the awesome Yunalesca is here to stay. Check it out!

Sora’s Domain:
An all around Kingdom Hearts site featuring pictures, videos, Nomura interviews, translations, previews, reviews, and lots of other things. Worth a visit!

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