Al-Saleh said: The solution is clear

middletown’s racial imbalance plan was approved by the state board of education

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Required papers


Testimony of the army certificate Qualification if found birth certificate work heel number Tamines criminal fishes Directed to the Nile Hotel Services 8 personal photos 4 photos of the card
For ages 18 and 19 years is required a certificate of young people from the area of ??recruitment

————— —————————————-

For young people in the provinces please The knowledge that you will be contacted and booking your travel after the completion of processing your papers complete and confirm it by contacting us before you attend the headquarters of the company because in the case of paper shortage will not be accepted in the work of the shortage of securities required and having to go back again To the province of its
to complete the rest of the securities

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Hermes Replica Handbags After the permission of the man……
Engineers are required immediately for interviews next week to work in the largest engineering consultancy office in Madinah, the following specialties:
– Architects Design: (C 50)
Experience not less than two years and do not increase About 10 years
Work previously in Saudi Arabia
Estimation of at least good
Previous experience in designing villas and reviewing municipalities
Experience with well known 3D design programs Max / t / Photoshop…….
– Electrical engineers: (C 51)
Experience 5 – 10 years in housing and health projects
Previous experience in consulting offices in Saudi Arabia
Preferred who has prior approval
– Agricultural engineers: (C 52)
Experience Not less than 3 years in the same
Ultimate for salaries – Insurance – Tickets – Air – paid vacation
speed Please send CVs to job code email titled e-mail importance….. Hermes Replica Handbags

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