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wholesale replica bags Green Skinned Space Babe: The members of the CDF, their skin is photosynthetic, they are all in perfect physical shape, they won’t age past appearing to be in their early twenties, and they are possibly even altered to look sexier than their normal genetics would allow to encourage bonding and to exploit the natural human tendency to treat good looking people better. Ruiz calls out minorities during his spiel at the start of basic training. then yells “BULLSHIT! You’re all green!” (He has N Word Privileges, since his original body was Hispanic.) Grey and Gray Morality: And plenty of it. Guilt Free Extermination War: The CDF leadership seems to feel this way in regards to their alien neighbors. It’s not an entirely uncommon feeling: if nothing else, spacefaring races almost categorically refuse to share planets with each other, and exterminating someone else’s colony prior to establishing your own is common practice. Subverted, however, by the narrative itself (which doesn’t seem to agree with this), and by the fact that enough people eventually got fed up with this to form the Conclave. Hates Everyone Equally: Ruiz can come up with a reason to hate everyone except John (whom he finds a reason to like, which Ruiz finds ‘disturbing’). so that he can start hating him once he screws up. Hero Antagonist: General Gau. He’s an honorable being with few personal ambitions who is working hard for peace. Hellish Pupils: The members of the CDF have feline pupils. Hermaphrodite: The Obin. Higher Tech Species: The Consu. Honor Before Reason: The Consu again. Their highly ritualized style of warfare and idiosyncratic goals are basically the only reason they haven’t wiped out every other intelligent species in the area. Humans Are the Real Monsters: Specifically the Colonial Union, which is often of the magnificent variety. It keeps Earth, its source of colonists and soldiers, as an isolated, technological backwater. It strictly controls communication and travel between the colonies themselves. Even set against a backdrop of hundreds of feuding alien species, very few of whom are nice guys, humanity stands out for its merciless tenacity. That said, there is a back and forth as to whether they are justified in this. The CU covers things up and insists to those who must know that its more ba wholesale replica bags

replica handbags china It tells the story of William Cole, a pharmaceuticals magnate who, while finalizing a deal in Bulgaria, suffers severe brain damage in an attack by Tatoya, a vengeful gypsy woman. A well meaning Mad Scientist repairs Cole’s brain with tissue from KGB agent turned taxi driver Yegor, Tatoya’s former lover and another one of her victims. Now Cole and his Split Personality Yegor must work together to hunt down the woman who tried to murder them both. When William ends up in a coma, Jackie laments that they never had the chance to rekindle their love for each other. They do. B Movie: And proud of it! Development Hell: Campbell wrote the script in the mid ’80s. It remained on the backburner ever since, and was only filmed when Campbell moved the setting from East LA (where it’s expensive to shoot a movie) to the Balkans (where it isn’t). Flashback Cut: Post surgery Cole receives flashes of Yegor’s memories in this way. Hot Gypsy Woman: Tatoya I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: The movie co stars frequent Campbell collaborator Ted Raimi as Pavel. Campbell also previously directed Tamara Gorski in two episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The Igor: Pavel. He does a lot of corpse collecting. Jerk Ass: William Cole is a straight up Flavor 2 Eaglelander. Mad Scientist: Dr. Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanov. Police Are Useless: Even if we accept the movie’s premise that Bulgaria is a lawless hellhole, it’s still hard to imagine why no one investigated any of the murders even though the newspapers had reported them. Also, Pavel was able to steal the bodies, unexplained and off screen, with no trouble at all. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy): Pavel, played by Ted Raimi, has adopted the style of urban American youth. Fo’ shizzle. Psycho Ex Girlfriend: Tatoya spends much of her time in a bridal shop wearing a wedding dress, and ends up attacking the protagonists because Yegor sold what was to be their wedding ring to Cole. Scars Are Forever: Surprisingly hell, amazingly, considering what Cole’s forehead looks like through most of the film averted. His gigantic, clumsily stitched scar is completely gone six months after his adventure. And Jackie only sports a little discoloration on her forehead. Slapstick: It’s directed by Bruce Campbell, the master of physical comedy. And, yes, he does spend some time fighting his own hand. Split Personality Merge: Never quite happens, but the epilogue reveals that Cole and Yegor are now close friends. Trauma Induced Amnesia: After the surgery, Cole doesn’t recall who he is until he sees himself in a newspaper. We Can Rebuild Him: Jackie Cole is killed by Tatoya, and Dr. Ivanov places her brain in a robot body; she escapes to take revenge. Why We Are Bummed Communism Fell: Yegor earnestly believes that the fall of communism is a bad thing for his country. Also, being a KGB agent is a much sweeter gig than driving a cab replica handbags china.

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