Although it may draw upon things that are seemingly more

A case of Weirdness Censor wherein a character, attempting to offer a so called ‘rational’ explanation for a supernatural or unlikely situation, ends up offering an explanation that is itself so tortuous, convoluted and/or improbable that it also ceases to be rational. Although it may draw upon things that are seemingly more plausible and ‘real’ than the supernatural explanation, the way it puts them together is unlikely or full of holes and the Epileptic Trees invoked by the characters (who, ironically, are usually trying to debunk someone else’s Epileptic Trees) so ludicrous that the viewers want to bash their heads against the wall and point out that accepting the (super)natural reality would, in fact, be simpler. They also have a tendency to ignore any evidence of the supernatural that they might be presented with, no matter how conclusive, in favour of presenting more ‘rational’ explanations that are themselves just as (if not more) lacking in supporting evidence.

replica goyard handbags Coincidental Broadcast: A well timed radio bulletin about the stock market crash of October 1929. Defiled Forever: Mrs. Loomis’s view of sex before marriage, as revealed in her question to Deanie. Dramatic Irony: “Your father says that everyone at the Elks says stocks are going up higher”, says Deanie’s mom. Unusually, the Loomises escape destruction when they sell their stocks before the crash the Stampers don’t. Driven to Suicide: Bud’s father kills himself after he’s ruined in the crash. Deanie attempts to drown herself after she fails to seduce Bud, but she’s rescued just in time. The Flapper: Bud’s sister Ginny, with her cocktail dresses and her bob haircut and her dancing and her drinking and her extreme sluttiness. A pretty negative example, as Ginny obviously has some deep psychological problems. Important Haircut: Deanie cuts her hair before trying to seduce Bud, to get rid of her “nice girl” looks. Lie Back and Think of England: Mrs. Loomis’s attitude towards sex, as she explains while giving Deanie some very, very bad advice. “I just gave in because I had to. A woman doesn’t enjoy those things the way a man does.” replica goyard handbags

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