As we walked around, I marvelled at his clever use of water

The field had been beautifully multi cropped every inch of it was planted with carrots, radish, fennel, mustard, marigold, spinach and coriander.When I told him I too had a vegetable garden on my balcony, but my harvest wasn’t half as healthy and bountiful as his, the farmer smiled. “I always feel plants must feel so lonely planted separately in pots, compared to when they are planted in a large field,” he said.”They have no brothers and sisters to grow up with or neighbours that help them grow.”Before I knew it, I was deep in conversation with the farmer, marvelling at his store of practical knowledge.As we walked around, I marvelled at his clever use of water channels, designed to flow throughout the field as soon as the pump was turned on.”I never need to use pesticide,” he said. “The plants look after each other,”I asked if we could buy some, and the farmer said we could take what we liked at Rs 10 per kilo.We happily bought a carload of vegetables, and I asked the farmer where he normally sold his produce.The wholesale vegetable market in Alwar, he said, wasn’t very far from his fields.

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