B Movie Badass Grandpa/Cool Old Guy/Handicapped Badass: Kanai

Starfish Alien: The Brongg. They have fantastically fast, superconduct minds paired to a glacially slow body. When the Brongg perform an action, they consider and reconsider it thousands of times before they even begin to move. surmises that it’s one of the many reasons why the Brongg avoided the apocalyptic wars that ravage most sentient life at some point in their development. Later, on Alice’s dyson sphere, a truly alien (but non sentient) lifeform is found; a plankton like form of life that combines baryonic matter with dark matter; the creatures live at a temperature barely higher than that of liquid helium. Time Abyss: ; he is at least ten million years old. Time Dilation: During Perfect and Ord’s flight to Alice’s dyson object, at least 10,000 years go by in the rest of the Milky Way, as Ord was traveling so fast that time slowed down and by this point, thousands of worlds are dying from war and the Galactic Core explosion

TropoGeisha: Action Girls: Yoshie and Kikue, and, well, the entire geisha army. Alas, Poor Villains: When the Tengun are killed. Animeland/Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo: There is not a Japanese stereotype in existence that this movie does not portray. Yakuza, Geisha, Ninjas, Samurai, Sailor Fuku, Kaiju, Tokusatsu, you name it. Ass Shove: Shows up with the cybernetic AssSword, which is exactly what it sounds like. Considering the rest of the film, it’s surprising when the girls point out that using a sword protruding from your ass is not only embarrassing, but also really awkward to use. It doesn’t stop them from having a sword fight around a conveniently placed stripper pole. B Movie Badass Grandpa/Cool Old Guy/Handicapped Badass: Kanai. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Both played straight and subverted the most damage Yoshie gets to her face is having the skin of her cheekbone torn off, revealing her cyborg implants, and it doesn’t look too bad, but poor Kikue has the skin on her face removed from the bridge of her nose down as part of her full transformation. Beware the Nice Ones: Yoshie is a pretty nice person. until you push her too far. Black Bra and Panties/Stocking Filler: Essentially what the Tengun wear. Blade Below the Shoulder: An interesting take on this trope, as one of the many hidden weapons in Yoshie’s arsenal are a pair of retractable katanas that emerge from her arm pits. Black Comedy Bloody Hilarious Body Horror: Kikuyakko http://www.wiseserve.net/2013/06/28/a-lot-of-times-watches-are-favorite-gift-items/, by the end of the film. Brainwashed and Crazy: Kikuyakko, towards the end. Also the Tengun. The Bully: Kikuyakko starts out as one towards Yoshie. Calling Your Attacks: Happens often. “Wig napalm!” “Breast milk from hell!” CAMP Comically Missing the Point: When confronted with a killer robot with a blade in its mouth, the victims aren’t worried about getting killed, only about getting cut. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Both Hikaru Kagano and his father, Kenyama. They kidnap and force young women into becoming their personal assassins, attempt to murder anyone and everyone who gets in their way, and they ultimately desire to destroy Japan to achieve their goals. Dark Action Girls: The Tengun. Dirty Old Man: Kanai has shades of this, notably during his death. This is paradise.

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