Be patient so we can get a coach that most will be happy with

I’ve come to a conclusion, if God himself was gonna come down off his thrown and be the coach of the hogs, coach for free and guarantee undefeated seasons from now on some of y’all would still come up with 50 reasons why he would not be a good fit. Be patient so we can get a coach that most will be happy with. That being said how bout let’s call those hogs. WPS WPS WPS WPS.

Replica Designer Handbags Hello! My small pet rescue has several little love bugs looking for there forever homes!

Guinea pig- I have one male guinea pig left looking for his amazing forever home! He is estimated to be 6-9 months old and is a total sweet heart! His name is uno and he is blind in one eye but it didn’t effect him in any way at all and he still loves to snuggle! -rehoming fee of 10$

Mice- rose and Riley have been with me for a while and I have been handling them a lot and they are now complete sweet hearts! They are young I would say only 2-4 months old both females and must stay together as they are a bonded pair! They love to be pet and run around on there little ball can come with there tub if
Hamsters- chewy and chunks are looking for amazing forever homes! They are both male dwarf hamsters and can live separately or together but I rather them stay together as they like to snuggle and sleep together! They are young at only 3-4 months old and are super sweet little guys who live to run around in there wheel!- rehoming fee of 10$ each

Theadore and Oliver are two giant love bugs who are a little shy at first but once they settle on they are full of spunk and ready to play with you or just snuggle on the couch! These boys are bonded and must stay together asking 40$ for the pair to be ensured they will be pets only! They are 6 months old and at least 10-15# already they are Flemish giant, checkered giant crosses! Replica Designer Handbags

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