Bokurano and Kodomo no Omocha play it for drama

Tristen is The Conflicted as the one who may or may not be possessed by the witch. She has everything she could ask for, tries to have one of her servants killed when he asks to leave, and throws a hissy fit when he manages to escape anyway (by becoming a goose Anima.) Super Powerful Genetics: People with Anima power are believed to have Kim un Kur blood in their veins.

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Chekhov’s Gun/Someday This Will Come in Handy: Invoked by Replica Handbags the capstone power of the arc while examining over some piece of information, you can assure that it will become relevant to an upcoming situation, somehow. Bokurano and Kodomo no Omocha play it for drama, as both Jun Ushiro and Natsumi Hayama abuse their siblings Kana and Akito because each one blames their kid sibs for their moms falling victim to Death by Childbirth.

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