Box 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteriaInclusion criteriaAcute

The distribution of covariates by cases of health anxiety was examined using descriptive statistics. Associations between health anxiety and incident IHD were examined using the Cox proportional regression analyses in four models adjusted for (1) gender, (2) gender, cohabiting and education (sociodemographic factors), (3) gender, alcohol consumption, physical activity, diabetes, BMI, first degree relative with AMI before 60years, smoking, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and systolic blood pressure (CVD risk factors) and (4) all factors combined. The analyses were repeated stratified by gender.

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pandora bracelets Hankins said in a statement. When she vanished on May 1, 2001. Rep. As the diagnostic accuracy of the test had not been assessed in children, we did not think that an interventional study was justified in this group. The study was conducted and reported in accord with STARD principles.8 We delivered standardised training for the elbow extension test to emergency nurse practitioners and doctors.ParticipantsAdults (>15 years old) and children (3 15 years) presenting to the participating centres within 72 hours of elbow injury were consecutively recruited to the trials with informed written consent. Box 1 shows inclusion and exclusion criteria.Box 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteriaInclusion criteriaAcute elbow injuryAdults: age over 15Children: age 3 15Altered mental statusNo consentNo history of traumaInjury >72 hours oldSuspicion of intentional injuryWe judged that for the elbow extension test to be clinically acceptable as a single test for universal use to rule out elbow fracture sensitivity needed to be greater than 99%. pandora bracelets

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