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A large Toronto based sporting goods and clothing store is one of the tenants ready to open at Lansdowne Park, the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group announced on Monday, on the eve of a major city council vote on the future of the redevelopment project there.

Sporting Life, a small Canadian chain with three stores in Toronto and one in Collingwood, plans a 43,000 square foot store at the southeast corner of Bank Street and Holmwood Avenue, said a news release. The store “will offer shoppers the chance to browse through high end clothing, footwear and athletic gear. From clothing like Moncler, Barbour, Canada Goose to equipment like bikes, skis, racquets and shoes for active or casual needs Sporting Life provides gear, fashion and equipment in its chic, top notch Sporting Life manner,” the release said.

City council’s powerful finance committee is to take its final vote on the Lansdowne plans Tuesday morning, making a recommendation to the full city council on whether the city should sign a deal with OSEG for a half billion dollar redevelopment of the crumbling old fairground in the Glebe. canada goose women The partnership includes the renovation of Frank Clair Stadium for pro football and soccer, a new city run urban park on the southeast quadrant of the site, and retail, commercial and residential development along the north and west edges of the site to pay for it all over a period of decades.

The plans have passed several city council votes already, though critics say it amounts to an improper privatization of a major public asset. OSEG has previously revealed only three of its planned tenants: an Empire Theatres Cinema, a Whole Foods grocery store and a high end liquor store. The addition of Sporting Life reveals more about the plans but without settling very much about whether Lansdowne is to be, as was promised, a unique place in Ottawa with a unique shopping experience.

“We were promised that we would know everything that we needed to when it came back to council,” said the councillor for the area, David Chernushenko. “I think the best approach is to bring [the full list of likely tenants] and show it to us.”

Lansdowne needs to be a commercial success if the finances are going to work, and that means that shoppers will have to come from all over town and beyond, Chernushenko pointed out.

“For those that love the idea of stores we don’t yet have in Ottawa, that have a certain cachet, that use words like ‘fashletic’ and ‘chic’ in their press release, this will be great,” he said of Sporting Life. “It really does come down to ‘What is the unique and distinct thing at Lansdowne, which is a very subjective thing.”

Sporting Life is an expensive sporting goods store, just as Whole Foods is an expensive grocery store and the LCBO is promising a liquor store with upscale products and tastings. “The cynic in me says there is an elitist element to what we’ve heard so far,” Chernushenko said.

As for the store itself, its president David Russell said in the news release that Ottawa’s is to be the first of several new stores. “We have begun expanding our brand across the country and are especially proud to be making the first step in Ottawa at Lansdowne Park,” he said.

OSEG’s lead partner, Minto chief executive Roger Greenberg, promised last week that he’d name a couple more would be tenants before the finance committee meeting Sporting Life is the first of those but said most retailers don’t want to be identified until the project is fully approved and they’ve signed leases.

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