Chaos: The Battle of Wizards

Chaos: The Battle of WizardsJust to start off, I must admit this is not a Final Fantasy related news post, but I must urge you to have a look at this news post anyway!

Final Fantasy Net has been, and is continuing to work on a new side project for the site. This new sub-site is to become part of our ever-growing network, but is the first non-Square Enix related sub site we have hosted.

This new site is dedicated to a very old Spectrum (an old computer which most of you will be too young to remember) game, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards. It’s an amazing game purely because of it’s simplicity. It’s like a boardgame in design; the graphics are pathetic but you’ll grow to love them, as long as you give the game a chance.

The page is not yet complete — there are plenty of features (in fact most) still unavailable, but the important thing is you can play Chaos online today! Check out the link.


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