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LEXINGTON, Ky. With the 2016 recruiting class officially finished, the Kentucky football program on Friday unveiled its next recruiting weapon: new uniforms.

“I think it’s a big deal,” UK coach Mark Stoops said. “I think it’s always important to have a good fresh look. Players like that. When they feel good about themselves, they definitely like it.”

In a ceremony that included a fashion runway, a DJ and even chocolate covered bacon, UK unveiled three new football uniform combinations and one new basketball look that will be exclusively worn at the Feb. 13 game at South Carolina. Conrad and basketball senior Alex Poythress were on hand to model the new uniforms.

“It shows excitement,” Conrad said. “I think it gets us riled up. I think it gets us ready to play. cheap jerseys We should just be ready to play to start with, but I think any of that could help, what they’re going to do. I think that shows a lot that our administration is willing to do that.”

The new uniforms were the latest product of a two year process between UK and Nike to update the program’s “brand identity.”

UK unveiled its new interlocking U and K logo in the fall a move that led to criticism from a vocal portion of the fan base online. That logo was initially included in facility renovations but was also added to the new uniforms.

On Friday, Nike also unveiled a secondary logo of a wildcat with jaws open.

(Photo: UK Athletics)

Despite some fan criticism, UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart has been happy with the results.

“The purpose is to just continue to try and evolve,” Barnhart said. “Things take time, and you continue to work with them. Again, the goal of the whole thing was to bring the K out in front and make it more prominent, and we achieved that, and we like where it is.”

The three new football uniforms included an all blue, all white and all black combinations, but Stoops said the team will continue to mix and match jersey, pant and helmet colors. New matte black and matte blue helmets were also on display.

“We’ve got a state that is all about hard work and effort, and we want people to understand that that’s what it takes,” Barnhart said. “If you put that on, that’s part of what it means at the University of Kentucky to represent the Commonwealth.”

“Everybody feels good because they’re looking good,” Kemp said. “It’s just a mentality. We got all this new stuff.