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Best buy has kicked off pre orders for nokia and htc developed smartphones running on microsoft’s latest mobile computer system.The us merchant’s website lists the lumia 920 for $149.99 from a two year contract.The cost of the device without the contract is $599.99.Unfortunately, the htc 8x will be readily available $99.99 with a partnership and $599.99 if you don’t have one.

The databases, yet still, don’t detail when those who pre order can get delivery.During late.

Assasin32honest ask yourself, does anyone here actually have a friend with a windows based phone.Though i don’t think i have ever seen one, even in shops.

I’m with you at least section of the way.I improved my phone from an omnia sch i910 to a droid razr maxx.Literally the visible difference was night and day and i felt like i was getting ripped off for data plans.A core set of comparison in what my old phone could do and what my new phone can.When i enhanced, i kept in mind the sum of apps available for iphones and androids.I despise apple, so it was google android os for me.I wasn’t aware of any type of appstore for the windows phone 7.5 back then.At length say this, also.It looks like windows phone buttons are easier to use for those with big fingers.That would have been a plus for me, acne outbreaks.Are windows 7(Rapidly 8)Based themes accessible for adroid phones.

Windows 8 should remain on phones, tablets and touchscreen display screen pcs(Prefer hp touchsmarts).The way it’s set up is completely not easy to use.I almost wonder if microsoft is trying to do away with the laptop keyboard and mouse in future releases of windows.

Assasin32honest quandary, does anyone here actually have an acquaintance with a windows based phone.Though i do not think i have ever seen one, even in shops.

I know anyone with lumia 800, and also got to try it for 1 day but gotta say, phone was beneficial, fast and ease-Of-Use.After that i am thinking to upgrade my samsung i9000 to an wp.

With barely enough instagram, pandora and failure to connect a controller to play games are just some examples of why i decided that im going to get a s3.To bad that a phone now only uses hdmi to ouput video, kinda sucks because my suv only has rca input i play a lot of games watching netflix during lunch at work.Sure there are options to pandora, thats not what im talking over.I want officially supported apps not deal with apps.And similarly, the ign app is amongst the worst app ever on the wp7.

Assasin32honest situation, does anyone here actually have a friend with a windows based phone.Though i don’t think i have ever seen one, even to get.

I know 2 individuals with windows 7 phones now and are very happy with them.I know way more people at least intrigued in windows 8 phones.

Joshskorni wasn’t aware of any type of appstore for the windows phone 7.5 during the time.

Are you bad?You can’t spend 5 seconds on yahoo search?In all probability didn’t even know half the crap your old phone could do.Your corporation trolling, at least play the role of more of a blatant one.

Verizon are the biggest problem, and i say this as a verizon customers.They solely carried one wp7 model, and it was only mediocre as to hardware.That’s not due to device manufacturers refusing to sell phones to verizon.If you might find the htc trophy, it was in all likelihood a non functional display model worthless!Their employees are clueless about it.If you ask they’ll just present you”Oh proper such and such android or an iphone, for exclusivity goes, that 920 is”Special”To at for a small time, much like the 820.But just as extraordinary considering that 822 in the works, a core set of reason they couldn’t have a 922 or similar for verizon.

Besides, you need cdma radio support in the telephone.So it’s not a straight rebadge job whether device isn’t exclusive.So why build a phone especially for verizon when they’ll do everything possible to make sure it never is shown off to customers?Simply this changes with wp8.They’re meant to throw in a lot more support and weight behind it, and perhaps even get some decent devices.But recently they have been whining about the lack of backdoor access, which me a bit concerned.