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Lawrenceville valentine’s s day brings big business to local stores, with a projected 20 percent boost in sales this month unlike february 2012, to be able to a captap report.

An online lending engine which connects small enterprises to lending institutions, captap examined thousands of daily credit card sales transactions from businesses nationwide from january 2009 through january 2013 to assess growth.

February is a historically strong sales month for these local companies and our data suggests the trend will continue this year, these glenn goldman, ceo of capital access mainframe(Can now)Which produces the algorithm the engineering for captap.

Based on the national retail federation, men will spend almost double compared to what their female brethren will spend on valentine s day.As major gift giving holidays of the year, valentine s day results in somewhere around $18.6 billion Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada worth of investing in candy, Preferred, Homemade cards and more, To be able to NRF.

Jewlery store owners are banking on the rise in spend, hoping to turn the as a rule red holiday into a big black bump in their books.Men show up here on valentines s day and even sometimes the day after, shopping at the late deal, pointed out rawanna alfase, whose fianc owns lawrence anthony engagement rings store in lawrence.

When a man shows up we recommend highly they buy diamonds or even something from our pandora jewelry line, because it could be an extremely personal and significant gift.

Alfase estimates a large lift in sales on feb.14th, Versus the days prior to the holiday, Even willing to keep the doors open later till last minute shoppers.We usually stay open till 7 in the evening unless we see a lot of traffic or someone calls and asks for us to stay open as they are on their way in.

Non time-Honored retailers are also getting in the gift giving business for valentine s day.Drug store retailers have expanded their product supply to include traditional love related presents making last minute shopping quicker and easier for procrastinators.

Mostly all the guys are in on valentine’s s day, purchasing for cards, a floral arrangement, candy all very late, considered tony coleman, store executive for rite aid in mercerville.On valentines s day, if you design it for them, these ll buy it.

Coleman has gotten used to assisting frazzled final shoppers around the store, helping them find the perfect gift.I put down to buy the candy, or the blocked bear, but i tell them to build it, physically, with a nice card to regain it more personal.

The drug store chain has grown their variety of gift giving ideas to include fresh flowers which are shipped days before and are kept fresh in walk in coolers, some sort of one stop vday shop.