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My miller ancestry and genealogy and family history research revealed a pandora’s box of secrets

Or even wanted to be a sleuth, do private investigator work, to role play sherlock holmes or agatha christie on any given day?If you’ve got the bug, try a head to genealogy research.On the outside the term brings to mind county history archives, library magazine archives, moistureless, dirty, horrifically dreary grudge work.Of course, as evelyn o’connell for”Currently each of our mummy”Fame would state, librarians can feel the traversing”The place precisely exactly angels fear to tread,(Alexander pope)Much likewise.

In seventh grade at evans junior twelfth grade in ottumwa, ia, the home economics teacher was task management oriented person.Her identify was irene hart.Every six weeks she would assign a project that would take most of that six weeks to complete.Little did she or i have a clue that her genealogy assignment would at last have a life long affect on my life.

Each of us was presuggested to trace our family tree back as far as we could.I was to look in family bibles, conduct family interviews and check the backs of family photos for historic details about our family trees and record it all in a three ring notebook that we would hand in at the end of the six week grading period.

Because my mother took my education pretty earnestly, she reluctantly waded into subject matter she would just as soon have left buried away for the remainder of her life, and lastly, she took me with your girlfriend.One of my ventures into my past involved a long letter to my great aunt ethel in adair county, mo explaining my assignment and asking for any pertinent guideline she could provide.The second was a trip across town to interview my maternal nanny, pansy minerva ann stivers burns. (I didn’t even determine her name was before that eventful day. )

My mother had warned me not to anticipate much.My mother had dropped out of faculty in the eighth grade, and neither of her parents had had much of a college degree either.It was a chore for any of them to write a letter so she didn’t expect there to be much written paperwork recording anything to do with our family tree, so imagine her surprise when grandma went to bed for a family bible.

Nestled in its thin vellum pages was a genealogy section which includes recorded births and deaths, one page dating back to to a marriage recorded between a george washington stivers and sidney morgan stivers on october 12, 1854, the proud parents of eleven kid born between august of 1855 and december of 1883, 9 boys and 4 womans.

This was also the day i found out about the indian ancestors in our family tree, in contrast, the big shocker of that day was to discover legal evidence my grandma and grandpa, pansy minerva and honest b.Callier, were originally divorced and remarried.

While my mother for sure knew this, it was not something she ever chose to share.The entries said their first marriage passed off september 25, 1925 and people were remarried march 14, 1945.You don’t have a date for the divorce recorded in the bible.The births of the seven children were:George bill miller, built may 4, 1926, and was slain may 21, 1926, carl robert cooper, put together may 13, 1927, helen lucille cooper, born july 11, 1929, cleve harley burns, born present cards 2, 1931, george harvey burns, constructed april 2, 1935 and mary and margret burns(Girl mixed boy twins), Born feb.26, 1939.Margret cooper, the second born lesser sibling, perished march 28, 1929.

The unexpected situations didn’t end there, about the.Eventually, i was to realize, as an results of this assignment, that while they are pansy and frank b.Were divorced and he was stationed at fort carson army base co springs, co, he was affiliated with a young woman named rose matheny and gave birth to a son in february of probably 1943.

As close to mom could recall, she was 14 when, and her younger brother, martha, became 4.Grandma had gone to visit grandpa while he was positioned at fort carson, and sometime in that visit, either she discovered he was associated rose matheny herself, or honest b.Thought i would tell her.Mom said that the three of them were standing on a street corner in colorado springs when pansy pointed to a pregnant woman next door. “Observe that woman?She’s pregnant to you dad’s baby, she announced out on clear blue.To say each of them were stunned would be an understatement.

It also was a memorable moment that was imprinted on that memories for lifelong.Even as young as mary was when i bought it, she could recall the incident on the street corner when her mother noted rose matheny to them, and she fully corroborated mom’s version of the experience.

The only reason i know that the baby born to rose matheny was a boy is because, when mary miller having a family rex kimple june 28, 1958, they were headed to west on their honeymoon when granddad took mary aside and gave her a piece of paper with a name and phone number on it.

Honest b.Told her it was the url of her half brother, and asked her to go looking him up.It made john fume, that on her vacation, her big day, he chose flying insects to her, what at the time was an awkward and uneasy development.She tore it up and chucked it away.I’m guessing afterwards that mary feels a little ambivalent about the decision she made that day and maybe still does, nevertheless an action that final is taken, one can’t get back.

Extended later, when i came across this man existed, friend, mary and i had legal representative about this half brother, and we mutually agreed we would make a try to find him.We actually attemptedto make an extensive search for him, making numerous calls, writing a large number of letters, and i even posted concerning on an adoption site that connects family members in hopes it might turn a lead up.Unquestionably ever came of any of it.

I looked for clues about when the divorce was held, and located one in a little black book my granddad, honest b.Cooper, recorded.Bless him for allowing it to me.On first glance food items look like much, but it developed into a little treasure trove of names, birthdates, telemarketing numbers, addresses and newspaper clippings linked to his life story.Found in its folds was a letter frank b.Wrote to his father.This reveals pansy dated george h.Callier, honest b.’s papa before she dated the son.He wrote the letter to tell his dad he’d stolen his girl away and married her.

Honest b.Had a step mommy named anna patterson russell, in order to a reference in one obituary for a man named powell russell.Notwithstanding, her own obituary described her as sarah ann russell, still dealing with frank b.Callier as her step son.She had two partners, bob dabney who died in 1912 and powell russell who died may 19, 1937.

Mom said honest b.Was living alongside her, ould-Russell, at the moment the twins were born.Anna had tried to bribe grandma with money to name this new baby after her to be able to my mom.Grandma was pretty angry when i bought it and refused the bribe, which tells you a large number about her stubborn streak.She and the kids with living in a one room tin hen house with a dirt floor, due to the generosity of a doctor who had offered her this humble roof over her head but not see her and her young Milagrofilms elementary age children living on the streets.

Mom said there was a home in the chicken coop, a coal burning up stove, and a couple of air beds.At bed time, they would put one of the mattresses and emerging mobile devices, and she or he and george slept there.They built-Up rain water in a barrel outside, and one way or another, the week prior to a twins were born, mom laughingly remembered an incident when grandma fell in that rain barrel.She was so big and round with her pregnancy that after inside it, she was stuck and did not get out.Apparently mom and bob were standing there poking fun at her when she gave them both holy heck, demanding they help her get free from there.

Their day the twins were born, mom said she was dispatched for grandad, who tried to aid in the birth, even though i very much suspect the pair of them were divorced by now since he was living with anna russell.Mary’s birth was fairly routine and went properly, but as long as they realized there was a second baby being born, it was obvious from the onset there was trouble since the second baby was breech.

Granddad sent for the g.P who then assisted with the birth of margret.Of course, margert had inhaled amniotic fluid through the birth process.The doctor brought her to a hospital, but in spite of this margret died two days later.The twins were born last month 26th, 1939 and margret died feb 28th, 1939 based on a clipping in granddad’s little black book.

While i suspect i know the scientific explanation for the divorce, i’m not prepared to go there now and may never be.For the other hand, i will say a thing about it.Mom said a moderator told frank b,”Either you enlist in the army or you are likely to prison, honest b.Chose to enlist even though it was never give up he wanted to do.

Mom said this was the start of some very hard times for their little family.Bob appeared to be to 12, nearly a teen ager.Mom is 10, having 11.Then there is buster(Cleve harley davidson), 8, George, 4, And the newborn baby, Martha.

Granny was cooking, cleaning and childcare for her brother’s family to feed her own flock, while mom really became a surrogate mother to little baby Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada mary when she was born.Finally things became so bleak grandmother, at mom’s recommending, wrote instructions to the chaplain of granddad’s army unit, explaining that he had 5 dependent children she was trying to help alone, and she needed help.

The chaplain went to grandpa, and whatever he said persuaded granddad to sign some papers arranging that a portion of his paycheck went to grandma to guide their kids each month.Once this came about, their situation improved very much.Mom said grandma placed a garden, but they canned food.For years she had mixed feelings about the federal government commodities they got.

Mom wouldn’t eat velveeta processed cheese food through out her life because it reminded her of the cheese they were handed out each month.However, she learned to bake while using flour, lard, dry milk and dry eggs they taken, and became a pretty spectacular cook.She could create her own pudding for a pie from scratch, and knew how to make easy corn meal that melted in your mouth.I got the outline, this stretch of their lives was stretch of road that showed them with just a tiny hard work they could change their lot in life.

I don’t know what actually transpired to rose matheny and the son she had.I’m not sure why grandma and granddad got remarried.Mom did share the doctor who delivered margret talked grandma into a surgery to confirm she didn’t get pregnant again.Two calendar month i know about it, that mom says she begged grandmother not to remarry him was the first.Mom tried to influence grandma they could make it without him.The second reason is that when frank b.Asked cyrus davis to wed him, cyrus davis, the baptist minister who had initially married them told him to go to hell.

That led to when cyrus’s wife stepped in and told him,”None of cyrus, you don’t get.Budge genuinely remarry nervy, then cyrus acquiesced,”Obviously, then i’ll get married you, anf the husband did.For those who are who aren’t privileged to know the intimate details about nicknames from our family tree, most of my getting bigger years everybody i knew called frank b, move, but also pansy minerva, nervy.

While budge and nervy had a volatile spouse all their lives, spending several interludes in life separated, something always brought them together again.Since grandma and i never observed it, i can only speculate that despite anything at all, they did genuinely care about some other.

I suspect the revelations i’ve made here will be a shock to some members of my family, and that some have known it all right along and merely chose not to share it with anybody.It’s only one of many family secrets that came to light after that home economics teacher’s seventh grade assignment.But it opened a strategic window in my life that made me privy to details of my family ancestry i would never otherwise have known.Such pandora’s box, some of because of uplifting, and some of experts have troubling, but all of it has been a journey.