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First capital connect’s pr hits the buffers

First capital connect’s pr hits the buffers

It obviously thought that a face to face chat with mr lawson would be enough to pacify angry commuters, understandably sick and tired of months of delays, cancellations and justifications.

Out came your email asking the press to publicise the event, just what we dutifully did.Each and every, it appeared to have, would definitely plan for fcc.

We sent two reporters armed with a camcorder to capture this dawn of a new era for fcc.We hoped they could witness the improved service while driving down to st pancras.

They will often also find time to see first hand fcc’s pr machine in action.

If an additional is indeed getting itself on track, surely its pr team is simply primed and ready for action, willing to tackle the issues that go to the very heart of complications facing

Commuters frequently.

Attempting to get solutions, not concerns, they would want to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the issues raised by allowing the press to report on this very public meeting which it

Advertised for free through the column inches of any local paper on its bedford to brighton line.We all appeared to assume that its aim was to put the poor Cheap Pandora Charms Canada service behind it as it searched

Wrist watches renaissance of good feeling between company and commuter.Worst.

You can imagine my surprise when one of our reporters phoned me to explain them to be not allowed into the public meeting, the emphasis being on the definition of”Arrest,

Unofficially our reporters were told that fcc did not want us to report on commuters vilifying the business’s new md.It believed it may not good pr.Yep.Not to mention?

It also only expected commuters to wait.Really.And in addition?

Finally it only wanted management to be interrogated by anyone in the car.Yeah i am sure can be seen a pattern emerging.

We persisted and were eventually available in.I guess fcc chose to protect itself from more public ridicule rather than thinking of the commuters who could not attend the meeting.Ask yourself the ways

Silly of us to assume that fcc would be happy for these customers to read about it in their local paper.

In a conversation with our reporters, mr lawson shown: “We are going to keep people informed about how we’re going.We are bound to improve how we communicate and we have got to do what we

Say we can do, and Cheap Pandora Bracelets tell the truth,

Let us hope he is in keeping with his word.Not trying to prevent newspaper writers from reporting on public meetings, the result of which affects tens of thousands of people, would be a good beginning though.

Congratulations to sandringham school’s headteacher alan gray.Already the county’s secondary school headteacher of the season, he has now been hand selected to help schools strugglingthe review has worked closely with sandringham on its forward thinking question time event and the sandringham scoop student newspaper which involved pupils working on the review’s news desk.