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Don’t move festival

Don’t move festival

The backlash came hours after the spectator published online details of festival gm loren lieberman’s plans to search”Countryside, suv and inner city sites”To get past roadblocks with the city and gage park neighborhood over parking and crowds.

The festival of friends until just last year attracts more than 200, 000 progressed three days.Lieberman wants the festival in a place that can easily still attract big names and allow further growth.

He also fears new parking disadvantages will ban visitor’s cars on streets to the north, east and west of the park leaving only on site car auto airport vehicle for guests.

“Unless those two limits are removed permanently for the festival weekend i don’t see how we can continue in gage park, he was quoted saying. “At present there are three options, either we shrink it and make it the local festival, remove the limits or we move it.

“I am not keen on the first option,

Jennifer kaye, the company of art events, said the city plans to work considering all the parties to keep the festival at gage park.

“We have begun a meeting, she shown. “Experts agree it is my role to bring the right players to the table,

Councillor bernie morelli says he are only discussing parking restrictions, much those instituted at this year’s event, with locals in the east.

He explained: “I haven’t ignored the requirements of the festival, i power it.

“But my some individuals(Ingredients)Is not forgotten.

“This year its northern border, west and south haven’t been discussed,

The music artists, subsequently, say the city Milagrofilms needs to do anything to ensure the city event remains.

Mary wilson, the previous frontman of junkhouse and member of the band lee harvey osmond, has played at the happening since 1977.He says the hub should focus more on heritage.

“This does not surprise me at all, he explained. “The city doesn’t respect hamilton’s way of life.I can’t take my kids to many of the identical places i went as a child.This is exactly the same,

Local designer steve sinnicks agreed. “This is just another example of something could be pissed away from hamilton.

“Pageant of friends is the envy of other cities, but it’s not even cherished here,

Event founder bill powell, who ran the event in excess of 25 years, menti one d”Event of friends is gage park and gage park is the competition of friends.The festival turned this formerly disused park into the achievements today,