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New Cheap Pandora Charms Canada details with honeymooner lost at sea

George smith remarkable new wife, jennifer, were enjoying their honeymoon on a dream cruise in the med this summer.

“In fact with you, our theories change frequently, said his aunt, bree mason, in a fashionable interview with”Good early morning hours america,

Based on witnesses, on the event before smith’s july 5 disappearance, the newlyweds were drinking and gambling with many men they had met onboard.Hours daily, passengers reported hearing loud crashes from the couple’s cabin.Each, a pool of blood was established on the deck below the room, but smith was nowhere found.

“Easily, the extent of the blood that reported in the media is an indication to us that he was murdered, bree mason said. “George was not desperate, it’s clearly not a committing destruction, and the option online casino julietta that the fbi is still investigating five months later, obviously suggests that there’s some suspicious circumstances surrounding my brother’s disappearance,

Jennifer smith is actually cleared by the fbi of any wrongdoing, based on her attorney.

“I’ll say one important thing, said maureen johnson, george’s the grand the new mom. “When my son left on his vacation with jennifer, they were the most in love young couple i’ve ever seen,

The smith family says they plan to sue royal caribbean cruise companies.

“I think right from the start, royal carribbean made a lot of major mistakes, right right away, said george mason sr. “I think they should have went into george’s room, where they did not.Passengers warned them about the violent fight that happening.I was told that ‘you’ve got to get in there, ‘ and when they did not go into that cabin, Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada they started a whole pandora,

George brown sr.Says he doesn’t believe his son fell overboard.

A representative from royal caribbean said: “From day one we have been cooperating fully with the fbi.We’ve turned over significant amount of real info to the fbi,

Congress holds hearings on cruise line safety next week, but for the smith family the regulation comes too late.

“It’s usually months, it could be years, but we are confident the culprits will be arrested and they’re going to go to jail, hopefully for the remainder of their lives, bree penson said. “My brother is not here and they really going about their daily lives while my brother is missing in the aegean sea,