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Articles about college athletics

Articles about college athletics

Letters to the editor college sports

May 28, 1986

I would say some sort of aug.18 content”Md earns high five”Was fantastic.As mentioned, baltimore did bad things.It employed functionally illiterate athletes, taught them nothing except the activity involved, used and removed still functionally illiterate students.Come to be bad stuff, exposted to it by the bias scandal, is now carried out, your family say,”Massively. “Maryland will now adjust its basketball schedule to help study, and erect a vaguely described academic support system.Htc bravo!Maryland will lead additional colleges, sinners all the, from the backwoods.

Stinging set of college athletics due

March 19, 1991 daily news wire providers

That the fields where college sports are played have been mangled by scandal is the general theme of a report on reshaping college athletics to be issued today in washington by the knight foundation’s commission on intercollegiate athletics.The commission is a 22 member panel composed primarily of college site and private businessmen.By the 1980s, 109 universites and colleges were censured, certified or put on probation by the ncaa.The ncaa comes with a eight year, $1.7 billion contract with CBS for the Division I men’s basketball tournament situation.Teams get barrels of money for appearing in the media, or making a football bowl aspect.Dozens of coaches at elite division i programs court make at least $100, 000 per year from shoe marketers merely for having their teams wear the lenders’ shoes. “We have found that some groups who are widely deemed major stalwarts and boosters of big time athletics are.Deeply disturbed at whatever they see today, referred to louis harris, chairman of louis harris and co-Workers, the new york based bureau that conducted the poll.On another hand, the story of the 1965 66 texas western hockey team served as a transcendent moment in sports history.Tarman, 65, said he would step down and once a successor was found, practically by dec.31.10 basketball date sponsored by the Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City’s meeting Hall.Frank frederick, athletic overseer at kansas, released a statement monday praoclaiming that he”Had no expertise in the sponsorship of this game by an outside agency”And consequently”We have obvious concerns about the engagement of casino gambling in college athletics.Zillmer