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Florida chamber chief writes off union bank risks

Florida chamber us web design manager mark wilson

Staging their stunt each week, florida public employee unions called on members thursday to withdraw funds from five banks in protest of labor reform rules.

Your unions, from some 20, 000 personnel, aimed bank of america, pnc account, nations around the world bank, suntrust and consequently wachovia, whose middle management sit on the florida chamber of commerce board of directors.The chamber is among the leading business groups lobbying to end payroll withholding of union dues by gov departments.

At a sparsely attended news conference outside of the orlando chamber of commerce office, labor leaders estimated that the five banks could lose $10 million in deposits since the union initiative.

Florida chamber president mark wilson accepted the unions’ fiscal clout”It is also $10 million, how to attract $100 million”But he dismissed thursday’s event as another in a number of publicity stunts by labor leaders.

“They moved a casket to[representative.] Chris Dorworth’s business place of work, Saying his bill would be your death of public education and unions.Installed tape over their mouths in tallahassee, as anybody cares.

“A week ago, they uneasy several senators at the senate rules committee.I’m no longer astonished at these tactics, wilson pointed out.

Wilson supplied,”That which you have here in this country, entirely to the white house, are unions pushing a socialistic agenda of bigger united states and higher taxes,

But beyond the unsupported claims and the threats, wilson said the root problem is a lack of knowledge of basic economics.

“These union leaders have never had private sector experience in terms of running a very small business or putting their own capital on the line or meeting a payroll.These unions are demonstrating for the world to see that they just miss how jobs are created in the private sector and how the private economy works,

As further information, wilson noted that he has received messages from public sector union members who state they are taking their bank deposits to other states.

“The union leaders apparently miss that their own members have Cheap Pandora Charms Canada loans for homes and autos at banks here.They apparently don’t know where loans come from, wilson asserted.

Thus, wilson averred that unions can serve a respectable purpose in defending members on the job. “We have a role for them, unfortunately taxpayers don’t understand they’re negotiating against them,

To facilitate comprehending the facts and dialogue, wilson pledged to pay for 100 florida union leaders to take an web based course in”Economics 101,

“We need an adult transmission about making florida the no.1 job creating state in the usa, He explained.

Organizers of thursday’s union rally did not respond to sunshine state news’ request comment.

The florida bankers bureau, a trade group which represent the state’s banks, ruined the unions’ call to withdraw.

“This action by the unions in pulling out monies from fdic insured banks does not make sense, fba president and ceo alex sanchez said in an argument.

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Arrogance at it’s a good idea, when did these people decide to start attacking employees.Lets see union leaders are smart enough to get contracts and benefits regarding employees but need economics 101.Entrepreneurs cut benefits for their employees and hold on to profits instead of investing in our state, but Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets workers still spend their money in their local communities supporting a facility.To the ceo’s go back to your multi million dollar homes and private schools for your children and leave average folks alone, either that or step up to the plate and invest in our state as trying to divide it.

Why is the notion that the unions and its members would pull their money from the banks that sit on the board of directors of the florida chamber such a surprise?It’s a standard concept, when business no longer provides good service, a good product or usually a disservice to certain customers, then you lose those subscribers.This idea doesn’t require a basic”Economics 101″Course, just good sense.Just the note, other banks are lining up for our business and calling normal.I think this is known as”Free real estate encourage”Because”Capitalism, on the other hand, maybe i’m not true, i’ve not taken”Economics 101,

So if that is the situation then all of my deductions should be removed from my paycheck.That has to be health care spending account, an insurance plan, social guarantee, federal taxes including being out of work etc.Then i will make all fantastic payments to those parties in time like all my other bills

The chamber of commerce nor the public should not tell me as a workforce who can take what from my check.My union hasn’t held a gun to my head to have this done.I have elected to do this and also see it continue.I am sure if it effected you in some way you would be speaking of how unfair that has to be.

If this wasn’t a huge attempt of union busting why would the chamber be so involved with.I find it ironic that the headquarters for the state chamber is in orlando has not paid the city any money to rent a multi most important building for the 13 + years since they have occupied the building.Along with that is free landscape vehicle repairs and many other perks.Classic fashion economics 101, and the performing art center, areana and more information on projects that are under funded and dependant on us the tax payers.