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Tiffany doldrums:A martini munrow hidden knowledge, the first in a series of jovial mysteries set in a fictitious new jersey river town, was printed as an ebook in february of this year and received glowing reviews.Vogard is an effective summer vacation read that leaves you waiting anxiously for the second book, due out at some time next spring.Vogard?Curious readers will get the chance to meet them if they stop by the national hotel in frenchtown on sunday, june 30.Their first helpful co creative venture in the late 1990 a mind, frame, spirit and herbal consultation services company, astrobotanics, was the drive for tiffany blues and the martini munrow mystery series.When life got in the way of taking astrobotanics one stage further, the two women wanted keep their work, specially the research and herbal and astrological and workshop materials they had developed.

Both avid Milagrofilms readers and addicts of mysteries featuring amateur women sleuths, they hit upon the idea of fictionalizing astrobotanics into the astrobotanics chocolate diner and unearthly emporium and the martini munrow mystery series was born.

And their chaotic lives, working full time and both mothers to young boys then, it took ten years of tenacity to finish tiffany blues.The two bright protagonists, clara martini together with florilla munrow, are in search of aphrodisiacs for their new valentine day passion spell when they unwittingly open a pandora box of murder and unearthly mayhem.An actual astrobotanics herbal charm recipe is roofed for the reader at the end of the book.

Microsoft.Vogel has a master degree from rutgers as well as college and had a career in natural resources.Absolutely nothing she spends her time(When she not marketing mysteries)In her native wildflower garden and creating meaningful garden spaces that help others find joys of nature.Joanne lives using the woods in flemington, ready husband, two sons and her two rotund cats.

Microsoft.Infirmary, holds a degree from douglass college of rutgers university and had a career in public insolvency and management.She may well be a reiki master/ teacher, astrologer and feng shui consultant for a long time.Christina experiences in hillsborough, with your ex wife husband, her son and her two old dog.