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The mikura jewellery collection has a variety of pendants, charms, jewellery, rings and bracelets that are made of the finest jewelry and cultured pearls in any hemisphere.All our backpacks are backed by a 14 30 day return/ exchange policy and a mikura quality certificate.

They used to say that diamonds are a girl’s companion.There’s even a song discussing it.Luckily that’s quite pass, it seems enter a new age of beauty and elegance with the mikura jewellery treasures.

Take the finest artistry of the artisans of india, where centuries of getting work done in gold, jewelry, diamond jewellery, pearls and other silver and gold coins is part of the country’s legacy.The majesty and elegance of indian design can be seen from the taj mahal, the universal monument of love.Even a big part of queen elizabeth’s crown jewels have a distinct indian heritage.

Now combine this talent with the innate ingenuity of recent japan.Rising from the ashes of battle ii, japan economy is said to rival that of the usa.Japanese are recognized for their industriousness, discipline and real world practices in engineering, research and art.Their appearance knows no bounds, as can easily be seen from the obtains that this tiny but talented nation has produced.From cars to bikes and robotics to electronic goods, the japanese penchant for quality and reliability is known and respected throughout the world.Filter systems in jewellery?

Mikura jewellery is a unique combination of indian artisanship and japanese modern elements of design.What we produce are an exquisite collection of some of the finest pearls and jewellery that the earth has seen.Our collections cover from pendants to necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets.They create excellent pearl gifts.It’s quite likely you are enthralled by what you see.And might be swept off her feet, frequently and again.We can almost make sure of it.

Mikura creations are made from the finest pearls both natural and freshwater that originated from the south sea, tahiti, japan together with other known centers of the trade.Our rigorous buying process ensures that the pieces you purchase represent only the top 5 percent of the cultured pearl industry.Despite selection, the pearls have to undergo a few of processes before they are finally set in jewellery.They are usually usually sorted and resorted many times so that the luster, appeal, tinge of complexion, current are Cheap Pandora Bracelets matched to perfection as it forms part of a necklace or other such item of beauty.

With such an aptitude for care, it is not surprising that the mikura pearls and jewellery shopping in dubai abu dhabi is fast earning a strong reputation in dubai.Mikura started its first store outlet in dubai in 1992 but has had a presence in the emirate since 1982.Its founder is a 3rd iteration pearl merchant.Realizing the actual possibility that dubai had as a cosmopolitan trading post, mikura jewellery was set up soon after the end of the gulf war and the rest reported by users, is times past.The well considered gamble of owners has paid off handsomely, with mikura’s creations appreciated among both the local and expatriate population.Due to the painstaking efforts of its founders, today mikura jewellery enjoys a history of quality and integrity that are the hallmarks of all its creations.Make a good plan buy a mikura and pearl strands uae creation today.