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Smokescreen california decision could stifle liberty folks who have lived in colorado for some years often take a perverse pleasure at poking fun at what goes on in california politics.It seems hardly a week passes that we don’t see a wackiness come out of the golden state, so we weren’t surprised to see a news report about the california air resources board’s decision late last month to declare resale tobacco smoke a toxic air pollutant.But this is no having a laugh matter.On january.26 the board took a step which often can have serious effects in California and elsewhere.The declaration clears the way for tighter regulations, in a story from the los angeles daily news.The report said the board’s decision was prompted by research linking carbon monoxide smoke with a host of ailments.In order to joan denton, director of the office of environmental hazard to health assessment, deciding”Rightfully puts carbon monoxide smoke in the same category as the most toxic automotive and industrial air pollutants.Californians, exclusively parents, would not willingly fill their homes with motorized vehicle exhaust, and they should feel identically about tobacco smoke, we can not allow such an oversimplification to go unchallenged.Most people will agree that secondhand smoke is an irritant and in all likelihood is bad for people.But it’s quite a leap from that to equating a house full of tobacco smoke to a house full of van exhaust.Exhaust has a much higher power of toxic gasses such a carbon monoxide than tobacco smoke.The has millions of homes that are routinely filled with tobacco smoke, but reasonably few of them result in death, the way a house filled with deadly carbon monoxide too often does.In addition to denton’s seemingly flippant remark, this decision could cause new rules or laws that severely limit californians’ personal liberty.Activists on both sides of the issue admit the new rule might allow government to ban or severely limit smoking in cars when kids are present and in multifamily residences.We have concerns when government believes it can limit one’s behavior because of the proximity of children.To create no mistake, if they ban smoking in cars when kids are present, it’s only a matter of time before the regulators move on to your homes.Anti smoking activists might use california’s decision to limit smoking in multi family dwellings because some smoke could escape into the units of nonsmokers.It is likely that such so called pollution posing any real danger to one’s health, with the exception of those that suffer from pulmonary illnesses, is pretty small because the smoke would be so diluted by surrounding air.It’s far more likely that those who simply dislike the smell of tobacco smoke would use such guidelines to control smokers.And we fear it’s a short step from limiting smoking in multi family homes to similar laws affecting single family homes.Where wouldn’t it all end?Will government ban outdoor grilling as the neighbors are bothered by that smoke?Or think about your diet the vegans next door who can’t stomach the smell of one’s t bones sizzling over the charcoal?The problem with decisions such as the air resources board made on tobacco smoke isn’t the things they’re doing themselves;It is the regulatory pandora’s box they’ve created.The board’s decision is but the first step along a path freedom loving people in every state should be loath to walk, smoke in hand or not.Litter bugs should clean roadside trash many people think the time has come of the year when our city looks its worst.Except snow capped pikes peak on the western skyline, everything appears dingy and dirty.Trees are bereft of makes, lawns are brown and colorful flowers perform their debut for many weeks.If there’s any snow left from the modern storm, it may be covered with dirt;A slam dunk a postcard image.And if all those things?Weren’t enough, some area residents appear to have forgotten their manners and toss litter of all kinds out of their cars.It’s very difficult to drive down any street in town and not see at least one piece of trash lying in the gutter.And the litter is not restricted to any one specific type.Come across fast food wrappers, heaps of different bottles, labels materials, rag pages, journals;Whatever, it may be gracing our roadsides, causing us to be all look bad.Colorado springs isn’t the only city suffering from this problem;It’s a state disgrace.Walnut creek, calif, has hit on what some officials there believe to be a really perfect solution, and they are half right.On feb, 7, the city council passed a new assessment on fast food dinning, convenience stores and other businesses that generate a lot of the litter in that city.Exams would range from $230 to $3, 815, influenced by their size.The council is on the right course those responsible should pay for crews to pick up the trash but it veers off course and duns the wrong culprits.It’s often hard to catch those who litter, so oakland is following up on an easy target.Will the city next levy a fee on the oakland tribune if paper pages are found blowing around?What about the store whose grocery bags get caught in tree branches?A better option is to go after those who toss their trash.Part of their disciplining them harshly could be picking up trash around the city.A lot of time cleaning up after others might give them a new respect for cleaning up after themselves.Part of the reason military bases are relatively trash free is because the troops think about tossing a drink bottle when they know they’ll have to pick it up tomorrow.May lesson here for pikes peak area officials, insanely:Let’s keep the culprit for littering where it belongs.