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Fence post gives array of views

Fence post gives array of views

I thought it might be instructive to focus on the divergence of opinion we get in this, our typical forum for readers.Hard to say anybody is swayed by these election related letters, which come from people who have, to begin with, strong opinions to share with you, and often an actual ax to grind.

With regard to, you’ll note you’ll discover four letters on the only countywide referendum:College of dupage’s request of taxpayers to borrow $168 million for a host of campus upgrades.

Two come from groups you’d logically expect to support the college’s effort the chums of cod faculty and the cod annuitants association.Another two with a host of questions and criticism of the referendum come from private citizens, though many know Milagrofilms stan zegel, a former local newspaper writer from winfield.

Anyway, it’s appealing to note how this $168 million loan is being portrayed.The promoters use the college’s theme: “College of dupage no tax rate enhance bond referendum, zegel identifies it as”Cancel the order(‘s)An absolute

Tax decrease we were going to get and change it out with this loan, to those draws near, i’d add these suggestions i got as a rookie reporter from my gruff first editor at the daily herald: “Individuals don’t pay tax rates, davis;They pay tax charges, the thing is, the tax rate is just an arithmetic function of how a tax bill is counted.If your tax rate does not enlarge, your individual tax bill still could go up if the assessed value of your residence increases.When, in times past, has been a assurance, perhaps less so inflexible economy.

These letters reflect merely the tip of our election coverage.You may have noticed a spike in the volume of stories we’ve done lately on races for the state legislature, dupage county board and forest protect district, area referendums.More will definitely follow.We’re also in the whole process of publishing in our neighbor section the candidates’ answers to a series of questions we’ve asked.An election guide is scheduled to create oct.29.Quite a few editorial board endorsements have run, and we should have all our tips about local contests and referendums published by early next week.Individual.Peter roskam and one backing his democratic opposition, mary lowe.Two different candidates, and two letters taking decidedly different tips.I could have picked opposing letters from fairly races, but i chose this one because of something absorbing that’s occurred here.It does not take worst kept secret that roskam is a heavy, heavy well-Liked for re election.He’s very perfectly heeled, while his opponent is running on the proverbial shoestring dramatically unlike the visible race when roskam was first elected to congress four years ago;The national democratic party threw massive efforts into waiting to hear about war hero tammy duckworth elected.

But there’s one thing the lowe campaign could do inexpensively:Encourage followers to write letters to the daily herald.They did so to the situation that the roskam camp complained.That i replied,”Basically, can’t peter’s enthusiasts write letters, since,

The pro roskam letter on this page is several waiting to appear in the newspaper.

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