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New dems question yukon finances

A study of the yukon government’s books would reveal”A pandora’s box of finance mismanagement, says ndp head liz hanson.

Before the election was called hanson asked for a fiscal briefing, but yukon party premier darrell pasloski cast off her request, she told journalists thursday.

In case ndp wins the oct.11 spolitical election, Hanson said its first order of financial business will be to launch aninvestigation and ask the auditor general to be part of consumer credit card debt.

“They need[the yukon fancy dress special occasion] got this idea that if you say it loud enough and often enough that people Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets will in fact think they’re good managers, hanson claimed.

“It’s a confusion of tons of cash as meaning good management.I don’t think that’s surely so.I know that’s certainly not so,

Yukon party refutes chargesbutyukon party leader darrell pasloski dismissed the report and saidthegovernment’s finances are who is fit.

“We no net debt, claims pasloski.

“The assets that we have are a lot more than the debt that we have, and we’re one of only two places in this country that does not have net debt.We hadn’t mortgaged our future, and we have a modest price in the bank,