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Atari announces upcoming mobile games lineup for ios

Atari announces upcoming mobile games lineup for ios

Video games developer and publisher atari has announced a new upcoming lineup of mobile games for ios and android from some of its most memorable franchises.The list includes coaster tycoon, outlaw, dungeons mythical beasts:Warbas well as thes and additionally centipede:Origins and the like.

Atari as well be publishing a free to play facebook game based on the popular deer hunter series this fall.Group is also launching atari casino, its first social casino ordeal featuring mini game integrations of its popular game ip into slots, pontoon and more.

The games are slated for a q1 2013 release with more details likely to surface at a press event being hosted by atari on november 1 in new york and frisco.

Here’s a look at what atari’s mobile games lineup appears to be like:

Coaster tycoon(Ios and mobile, q1 2013)

After selling 13 million units of this current administration simulation classic, the game makes its way to ios the very first time.In whirlwind tycoon you create theme parks with roller coasters as the main attractions.You can operate the roller coaster editor to build wild and interesting rides from ground up.You can also choose from a selection of pre existing ride templates to attract customers to your park.

Centipede:Roots v1.3 post on(Ios free, nov)

Centipede has been highly popular since atari first launched the match in the arcade era.The free to paly title on ios will now include new weapon, machines, atlases, and enable you to challenge friends to win coins and come with iphone 5 support.Show casing newest update, centipede:Sources, primarily released this summer, features substantially more content for players’ arcade enjoyment.

Dungeons mythical beasts:Warbands(Ipad $2.99, December;Heavy water, myspace and android coming soon)

Dungeons and mythical beasts:Warbands is a first for ios gizmos.The turn based regimen game, originally perhaps the d series, is set in the lost realms universe.The game also has a single player campaign for gamers to perfect their tactical skills and unlock new units.

Outlaw(Ios free, nov)

Based on quick draw taking, the touchscreen display shooter game combines the western themes of the original hit with colorful hand drawn graphics, an additional arsenal of weapons.Smooth touchscreen display screen controls allow gunslingers carefully aim for headshots or disarm opponents for extra points.

Atari on line gambling establishment(Ios free, q4 2012)

The Cheap Pandora Charms Canada game features atari themed slots, blackjack and the intergrated, of original atari arcade mini games.Social networking intergrated, allows gamers to play in groups.

Deer hunter on the(Wikipedia free, december)

Deer hunter is a well known game on both ios and android published be glu games that allows you to don a hunter avatar and explore varied outdoor environments to hunt the biggest bucks.The online game is now going social, set to launch on facebook this late.

Speaking on the forth-Coming lineup, micheal wilson, ceo of atari thought,”We’ve spent this year focused on developing mobile games based on some of atari’s most iconic and enduring businesses.Our upcoming lineup should make clear atari’s strategy to work with the strengths of our key franchises and offer our expanding global audience of mobile gamers an accumulation of accessible and fun consumer experiences,

Atari celebrated realization 40 years in the gaming industry this year Cheap Pandora Bracelets Canada and to mark the occasion the company gave away 100 games for free just for one day through its ios app atari’s greatest hits.