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Finish his sentence

Pre social gathering prep:Ask groom to be to write sentences about the bride, along help.As an example, love when i get back home and[bride's named] is or favourite action to take with[bride's user business specify] elevates the blank in the blank.See where we building this?Demonstration all Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets of the sentences, write or print out the usual parts on cardstock and make enough extra cards for each guest to fill in how they think the groom would complete the sentence.If have a group of 10 girls, you could even buy 10 white boards and dry erase markers to use, game show trend.

How to:Read the first sentence with focus on the and have everyone write down their answers.Then go around the room and have everyone read aloud how they might finish the sentence.Keep scores(Just a simple tally of who answers the nearest)For shoes, but there will be some of the partygoers to take it less seriously and finish every sentence with