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New collections by apostrophe s and acrylics

View full sizephoto for big hassle publicitythe brooklyn based acrylics release their new album on tuesday.

Here’s the advantage with the internet:Anybody can write and record songs then put their music on the web for anyone who cares to to hear.Hurrah along with democracy!

Here’s the problem with the world wide web:Anybody can write and record songs then put their music on the web for everyone to hear.The person who said art is a democratic process?

This question confronts any artist, it doesn’t matter how talented, when you are looking at posting music on the web.The old record companies model was that record labels decided if a band had talent, if it was worth buying with an album deal, then made the high and(Confidently)Promoted the hell from the jawhorse.Record company pros got stinking rich, potential buyers got music they liked and artists got screwed.

The new model is that desire to be a rock star, available some music and put your own mp3s on the web, sell it on itunes and hope that captain christopher nolan uses it on the soundtrack to his next movie.Next quit worrying:Total tour!

While aforementioned Where Do You Get Pandora Bracelets plan has its advantages low overhead, almost no bureaucracy, access to immeasureable fans(Or many them)It makes it harder for music fans determine who’s worth their time and their 99 cents.Finding bands being online remains, irrespective of tools like youtube, soundcloud but also pandora, a huge pain, at safest, and even, at worst type of, a total waste of money.

This is the situation that macungie’s apostrophe s seems to feel the.This rock band released their debut ep on feb.16 as an electronic download on iTunes.The six song you choose”No Milagrofilms game in the zoo”Has garnered the band some understanding, thanks in no small part on the first single,”Kandy kane, applying for airplay on local radio.

Solitary pilot is a features energetic guitar riffs and a bright, catchy beat.Do i think the”Sleep problems, though that darker tone to it. (“We’re from your immediate future but the near future hasn’t found us, william kleinberg sings on rogues. )

“An area song, by comparison, is a bit more dreamy, allowing it to notes and cosmic images(“I’m riding asteroids and searching supernovas”)Hang uphill, a marked departure from the indie rock feel of all of those other ep.

The songs suffer from the usual sound problems that provide mp3s:A compressed sound that muffles many of the instrumentation and even on the vocals, in the event of”Poor”And as a consequence”Not getting enough sleep, these songs almost sound more like demos than the end product, due to the fact.

Seeing as the band is making spring off from touring(Guitarist josh roland is out of the united states), Downloading it”No pets in the zoo”Is the best choice to hear this band before summertime.

Hopefully they can land a record deal and develop a better sounding full length.Captain christopher nolan is waiting, you recognize.

Credit scoring:5.6 your internet Richter Scale

Acrylics, ‘lives and treasure’the duo of molly shea and jason klauber play well at the same time.They harmonize on a good many songs on their debut full length album, both vocal singing in quiet, almost a whisper voices that make it seem they don’t relish to bother you.

Shea sounds at her best vocal skills lead on”Sparrow song you choose, a song without klauber but with ’80s inspired keyboards that add a surprising warmth without sounding hokey.

The vast majority of”Lives and item”Has an retro sound, but the goal wasn’t a look back at the decade of greed. “Tortoise shell window glasses”Contains a steel guitar that could have come from any eagles song from the 1970s thankfully without any of the other baggage of eagles songs from the ’70s.

The songs here are layered with small but heavy additions, but acrylics prevent bombast, either in sound or sensation.Narrow models look great you won’t find anything heavier than the human league inspired title track on”Lives and jewel, the album ultimately an odd homage to the 1970s and ’80s, paid in all candor and zero ironic detachment.