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Blige unite for obama ad

Celebrity julianne moore and r star mary j.President obama at the polls next week.

The pair donned hot pink yes we plan contraceptive t shirts in a new clip to show their support for planned parenthood, an organisation which offers sexual and reproductive health services to women in america and is backed by obama.

An argument from the kids are all right star moore reads,”Millions of women rely on planned parenthood for their basic healthcare and it is up to us to every woman in the united states to support the only presidential candidate who gets this,

And no more drama hitmaker blige echoed the same message, bringing in,”When i was a teen, i’m not sure where we would have gone if planned parenthood wasn’t there.Not just for for me, for my mom, my siblings, my guys.They’re about maintenance.As a woman even as a teenager where would we be if planned being a parent wasn’t there for us,