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Robin thicke’s ‘blurred lines’ sets radio users record, content tag says

The marked by controversy and nudity filled video for robin thicke’s”Confused lines”Has tempted so much attention lately that one might assume it’s behind the song’s seven week stint atop the hot 100, a superb reign that billboard described this week as the longest so far in 2013.Nevertheless”Blurry lines”Isn’t just unavoidable online it’s also a fixture on the airwaves.According to an announcement issued friday by thicke’s label, interscope data entries,”Unreadable lines”Keeps”Broken the record for the actual radio audience ever recorded.

Univision agrees with split with radio host eddie ‘piolin’ sotelo

July 25, 2013 by meg brandon

Univision marketing marketingAnd sales salesAnd marketing devices has officially confirmed that it has ended its 10 yearAssociation with eddie”Piolin”Sotelo, top selling longtime host of univision radio’s morning show,”Piolin por l.A.Maana. ” “After havingA 10 year run, SoteloAnd Univision have decided to have part company, Univision said inA briefAssertion on Thursday. The company declined useA reason for Sotelo’s sudden departure.Places. Pioln has not posted to his tweetAccount in two days. These days, His strategy, Broadcast inAre generally on KSCA FM(101.9)

Radio trail location ‘warns’ comic con fans about mayor filner

July 17, 2013 of tony perry

San diego is swarming with fans building for comic con.And the prevailing story at city hall is about mayor bob filner and the accusations of sexual harassment that have led republicans and some fellow democrats to demand his resignation.Kogo radio has conflated the two events for Cheap Pandora Bracelets a mock signal to comic con fans about a”Successive hugger on the loose.Is launching a renamed political talk channel for left leaning audiences next week called”Siriusxm loan. “The route, formerly considered”Siriusxm dropped, will debut monday and feature time call in show hosted by michelangelo signorile, an editor in particular for huffington post gay voices.20 21 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in sin city.Other pop hitmakers in the array, which ryan seacrest recorded monday morning, combine fun, philip brown, bruno mars, miguel moreover maroon 5.But as in its first two versions, iheartradio could also showcase rock(With actions by muse, phoenix and thirty while to mars)

Acoustics founder amar bose, founder and chairman of the audio treatments company bose corp, known for the rich sound of its small tabletop radios and its noise canceling earbuds, has was killed.He was formerly 83.Bose was slain friday, company speaker carolyn cinotti confirmed.The ma institute of technology, where bose began his acoustics research and was on the faculty for over 40 years, also presented his death but provided no other details.