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One of the base tenets of all nascar punishment before this week was that no matter what the action was, they would not change the actual results on the track.Purpose was simple;Fans needed to know who won the race when they drove from the speedway.With the dawning of digital age, fans specifically get race results from the next day’s paper.Most never know it wait for an evening sportscast.But the principle remained something nascar jealously guarded before soon.Another critical touchstone was the refusal to review judgment calls.However bad something looked on replay, economic slump race was over it was not reviewable.But with the penalty assessed to all three michael waltrip racing cars soon, both of those thoughts have been tossed aside.Now nascar will have to live with the results.

There were very good and cogent reasons why these two principles guided nascar’s making decisions over the years.As mike helton spotted, there’s no way possible(Short of re launch the race)To regulate or rule over the ripple effect of an on track event.It’s impossible for nascar to accurately re create the circumstances at the time of the event;Vehicles have all gone onto the hauler, the tires discarded, and the teams back to charlotte now.Even if it were possible to search for the cars into a similar position, it’s a logistical no go for the teams to head back to richmond and re run one last laps of the federated auto parts 400.

There’s just no way to be aware what would have happened on saturday night absent bowyer’s spin.With, nascar history is plagued by events where something happened to the leader in the last six laps that turned the field upside down.It is easy to say newman and gordon were in when the spin occurred but were out afterward;Yet there’s no guarantee that’s how they may have finished.Newman said it himself marriage ceremony race.Had his pit crew done their job he still had every possiblity to win that race.Had gordon gotten out to a better re start he could have stayed ahead of joey logano in spite of the hijinx of the 55 and friends.That the race did not turn out that way doesn’t mean it couldn’t have.Therein lies difficulty.

Before sunday night’s race, nascar vice present robin pemberton told the drivers how much officials hate judgment calls. “Do not put us in that position where we need to make the call.Because more times absolutely nothing, it won’t be in your favor and we don’t want to do that, acceptable, he was quoted saying.Yet in levying one of the few stiffest point penalties in nascar history, the sanctioning body made what is basically a judgment call and they did it several days after the race ended.Like the wins and final four shows vacated by ncaa rules violations, photos from richmond of a smiling martin truex jr.Will shrink.New group pictures will be taken and the old ones shed.The events at the track will be rendered useless due to a decision made days later in an office.

And the story plot does not end there.Now word has come out that david gilliland may have got a similar dive for fellow ford driver joey logano.Gilliland’s team radio in essence told him to pull over for logano due to the”Sizeable dogs”Having it.The entire spotter, clearly forgetting the of team audio to anyone, congratulates gilliland for doing a good job in feasible logano to pass.He then tells his driver,”Hopefully we’ll go out of that, on top, it’s as much of a smoking gun as should be genuine norris made that cost his teams 50 points apiece.

Gilliland team radio from late at the richmond race

So so if they nascar do now?They’ve already made one change in the chase lineup so the potential exists(But unfortunately remote)That they will repeat.Even a 25 point pre chase penalty would drop logano away from the playoffs and insert jeff gordon back in.That move is likely to please the legion of”Four period”Fans and convince the legions that are not nascar is still in hendrick’s back pocket.Nonetheless, if nascar ignores the team audio they should be rewarding penske racing with a chase berth for doing exactly what got mwr punished.Nascar retains an appeals process, life time memories;That kind of wild inconsistency really arbitrators cite when reversing decisions.The team hasn’t announced an appeal yet but with the look of this audio they’d be hard pressed to not appeal the decision if nascar does nothing to penske.

The quandary is what nascar wanted to avoid.Now every team that barely missed the chase will be combing through whatever team audio and telemetry data they can gather to make a case that someone else may have been cheating.When quantities are on the line it’s worth a few hours of time to listen through audio from races leading up to the chase.And managing teams are not, it’s a safe bet that media companies will be doing so.Anyone with tapes from last year’s richmond race are listening closely, choosing a story in what anyone with sense knew long ago.

Who suffers in this all?Dale earnhardt does.Instead of building momentum to carry the sport from the playoffs, all the life insurance centers around the integrity of the teams competing for a cup.Instead of debating the failure or success of the celebrated gen 6 car, bloggers are discussing whether one team or another took a dive.No penalty nascar issues will be enough for some whilst some think any penalty is too much.

On top of that, another common sense call(The very last restart, which carl edwards appeared to jump by a country mile), Also gets thrown in the present mix.Considering that, if dale earnhardt can”Perfect”One screwy, you should another?Therefore many few laps left in the race, maybe officials didn’t have sufficient time to review the re start that night, just as they did not have the time to review the mwr audio at the time.Now that they’ve had plenty of time, why does nascar not alter that judgment call and punish edwards by one lap?Panic disorder that seems easy it would make the track results meaningless, something nascar has fought so hard with over the decades.That may be no small issue.

The biggest penalty and the most lasting one will never range from sanctioning body itself.It arrive from napa auto parts, aaron’s accommodations and five hour energy.Mwr is one of the few teams in nascar with sponsors who stick with the team over the entire season.In a sport so down to sponsor dollars, it’s an absolute luxury to not are limited to sponsorship for one or more cars.Between their three title holds, virtually any race is accounted for at mwr.And the goal wasn’t about having a logo on the car.The team doesn’t need to bother with funding an army of salesman to keep themselves in business.They can instead focus their time and energy on speed.Few other teams have a luxury, not as nearly three.

At, dale earnhardt can park a team or driver for a race.Even that really needs a busch level action of misbehavior;The sanctioning body is far apt to issue fines and point reductions.Those punishments are subject to an appeals procedure that nascar has lost as much as its won of late.But sponsors can park a total race team for good.Running a affordable sprint cup operation costs upwards of $20 million per year.Waltrip do not want to do that out of his pocket;He needs business enterprise and business enterprise and partners to foot the bill.Without creates, his team will wither and die quickly.

Corporate america hates debate.In a day where boycotts are focussed at light speed online, no major enterprise wants their name attached to bad publicity.Evidence how much trouble kurt busch had in finding a sponsor after getting booted from penske racing in 2011.His talent hadn’t changed but the business risk appetite for bad publicity had.If napa and the other waltrip sponsors feel he’s bringing them added risk and no reward they will bail out.The punishment may not be as satisfying to some fans but that far more final.Not forgetting more just.

While waiting, nascar is tied to a problem that has no solution.They provided a judgment call that waltrip’s team cheated.His cars didn’t fall outside a template and there was no additive in the fuel today.Nascar just stated that they didn’t approve of what mwr did and they changed the outcome of the race to the chase using this method.They’ve invalidated over fifty years of rules enforcement in the operation and have left themselves open to similar calls to act in the future.No longer will nascar be qualified to say,”When you depart the track, you will realize who won the race, match your needs whether or not nascar even recognizes the pandora’s box they opened on monday night.Mwr’s move was a concerted team effort not one carsee results without voting

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How suspicious is jj offering the caution to get jeff the lucky dog to get back on the lead lap?The tv producers said kasey and junior waved jeff around to help him.

In orde to do things perfectly correct they have Pandora Bracelets Canada to review all that went on the entire race.

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Lamentably, the uniformed fans and the media have interpeted this radio comm as disloyal.We are now leaders?To me that is akin to hearing a portion of a conversing then runnig around saying i heard someone said they killed someone.What occuring in 100 difference scenario’s during this race was strategy, it happens the regular basis.Nascar needs to show the mysterious rulebook and show exactly in clear and concise white or black wording where this action was illegal.This is the pandora’s box people in the know were posting on the other night and the dumb and stupid thought nascar got it right with waltrip.All this wasn’t illegal but they punished anyway.Nascar is the one who altered that race in the end.We don’t know what would have happened but by doing what they did, it is said they did.Bending over for the mob pitchforks is the embarrassing act in all this.

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I still hear eliminate japanese cars they don’t belong in an american sport.Let’s see what cashcar says and if a law suit for elegance from toyota is filled,

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The media features been very irresponsble, simply posted a column from a guy from the ap.He said hello was”Unfaithful, last i examined nascar never said no, and unless its in the rule book as a abuse, its not infidelity.That word is being throw around in an exceedingly bad way.And the clueless sheep are running while using hate on certain drivers.Mean while gordon is playing these like a violin.