Before reading on, it must be noted that we have no concrete evidence to back up our assertions, rather we are speculating on these things based on some of trailers we have seen, and from the very little Square-Enix have revealed about it.

Firstly, it seems that Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus will be much more of an action based game, as opposed to Final Fantasy VII‘s RPG format. The reason we have come to this conclusion is the scenes from the videos that have been released. It shows Vincent in a ‘real time’, human controlled ‘battle system'; not turn based like most RPGs. You can see this in some of the screenshots we have available. There have been other suggestions that have been hinted at by Square, but they have been exceedingly cagey with the information they leak. Much more so than with Advent Children.

Now, if we take it that this assumption is correct, this could well have very many implications for the game itself. For example, it’s quite rare that action games have very long life spans (by this we mean the number of times the player would wish to re-play the game), while they can be very enjoyable first time round, unless they are incredible, it’s rare that one would return to the game for a second play having only just completed it first time round.

Furthermore, such games also have a tendancy to be shorter than their RPG counter-parts. I can think of very few good, proper RPGs that can be completed in less than twenty hours, but countless action games take a lot less time, even on the first time of playing.

Another potential problem (and I use that word with trepidation), could be that moving away from the traditional, turn-based battle system could certainly alienate ‘old-school’ Final Fantasy followers, who simply adore long winded, precisely stratigised, and technically accurate battles. I suspect there could be similar issues immerging with Final Fantasy XII, but that’s another story.