Writing a preview for a game that we know next to nothing about isn’t an easy thing to do. I can merely discuss everything that we do know about the game, and attempt to fill in the gaps (probably unsuccessfully). And so without further ado (I don’t go in for the usual ‘start with an analogy’ style of writing – I am rather more blunt!), I will discuss some of those things we do know about the game.

Firstly, the game is a sequel of Final Fantasy VII, and is thusly part of the now famous ‘Final Fantasy VII Compilation’. When and where the game takes place in relation to Final Fantasy VII is anyones guess, though we assume that Dirge of Cerberus will take place after Final Fantasy VII (i.e. not a prequel), as it appears the game will feature both Vincent Valentine and Cait Sith. But we’ll discuss that in more detail later on in the preview.

The game is almost certainly an action-based one, with third-person views and gun-wielding goodies being some of the main features showcased at the Tokyo Game Show. We have seen some images of Vincent fighting, and the fight certainly doesn’t seem to be menu or time based. We wont discuss the gameplay at great lenght here, as we have a page dedicated to that which can be located here.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the game will star Vincent Valentine, the vampire-esque optional character in the original game. What is clear is that we will learn a lot more about Vincent throughout the game, presumably a greater incite into his psyche and more ideas about what happened to his lover, whose loss caused his exclusion from society in the first game in the series.

Oddly, Cait Sith and Reeve seem to be in the game too, and we are guessing they hold quite a large part in it, as they feature quite heavily in the trailers. Maybe there is yet another twist with regard to Cait Sith’s real identity? You can read more about our speculation on the characters by clicking here.

Other than that, the game is still an enigma. To say that Square was being coy with this title would be a massive understatement; they are guarding as much information as possible while still making us anxious in anticipation of it. We are not clear why the game is even going to be called Dirge of Cerberus – it could be that the three-headed dog, who has played a part in mythology as well as appearing as a summon in previous Final Fantasy games, will play a vital role. Alternatively, it could just be a name!

We will pick up as much information as possible, and hopefully will add to this preview in the near future. If we don’t, then it will be interesting to see how accurate our predictions are when the game is actually released. So, come on Square, give us a bit more information – we wont tell anyone, promise!