There are, as yet, no firm release dates for Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.

It appears likely that the game wont be released anywhere until either late 2005 or early 2006, as we are already hearing from Square-Enix that it’s unlikely that both Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released in 2005, and so adding another title to that line-up seems highly inprobable. It is seeming increasingly likely that the game will be released in late 2005, but this is unconfirmed! So please bare in mind that this is simply speculation; no dates are set in stone!

Japanese flag – Late 2005 (unconfirmed)
USA flag – Late 2005 / Early 2006 (unconfirmed)
European flag – Late 2005 / Early 2006 (unconfirmed)