Doctors will be able to carry out fertility investigations

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Replica Valentino Bag It’s also a contributing factor for another 1 in 4 couples.What should I do if I think I have low sperm count? Seek medical advice if you are concerned, particularly if your partner hasn’t managed to conceive after one year of trying for a baby. Doctors will be able to carry out fertility investigations including a semen test to check the quality and quantity of your sperm, as well as any issues with your partner.Only one sperm is needed to fertilise an egg, so why make so many?Sperm have such a difficult journey from the woman’s vagina to the fallopian tubes, that only a few survive the trip. Even if a sperm does make it, it still has to penetrate the egg, which is covered by a thick layer of material, making fertilisation hard. Replica Valentino Bag

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