Even with Kipper struggling (defense or bad rebound control?)

Academy of renewed creativity training and consulting
progress cycle
Modern ?aalskrtarih ?
course offers
certified trainer in development Almataa and social worker
?mvhom Secretarial importance ?mqomat secretary ?mharrat writing ?mpadi reports in administrative communication skills, and public relations.
?aamal e-mail and ?ttabiqat process on the foregoing models
date program
11/11/1437 e
15/11 / 1437H – Five days – Two hours per day from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm GMT | Certified certificate from the Ministry of Education. A certified certificate from the Academy of Renewable Creativity and at the desire of the trainee to obtain a certified certificate from Oxford British to increase the amount of 300 SR **
investment fees
(450 riyals) including certificates and sending them
Online Training <> For Men

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