Description: As the Black mage, it’s his job to flame and torch anything that gets in his way. With powerful spells like FIRE3 early in the game, the black mage soon compensates for his horrendously low HP. As an added bonus, He looks like Vivi!

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Weapons: Knives, Staves

Magic: Black magic levels 1-8

Pros: The only real good point about the Black mage is his Black magic (it’s a pretty damn good benefit)

Cons: Seriously little HP, low defence, low power.

Note: The black mage usually goes well in teams with White Mages. Making the pair of them the ultimate killing team.

Upgrade: Black Wizard

Descriptions: With new found access to the higher echelon of spells, the Black Mage literally becomes a destructive monster, to just think that that little guy had so much evil inside him.

Status Changes: The only real change is access to 8th level spells.

Magic Changes: Black magic levels 1-8.