Description: This is your stereotypical warrior, he hits things and, well, they die! He’s neither pretty nor intelligent. He should go at the top of your party, and seriously, if you don’t have one of these guys you are going to have real trouble.

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Weapons: Swords, Axes, Knifes and Staffs (But why would you equip a staff?)

Magic: None

Pros: A keg load of HP. Very high defence. Can equip pretty much everything.

Cons: No magic, Stupidly expensive (45000 for a piece of armour?) and quite slow.

Note: A Fighter will do well when he is in a party with mages.

Upgrade: Knight

Descriptions: The Fighter, but better. Think Fighter squared. If you get this guy with a full set of equipment, he cannot be defeated, He swings his sword and EVERYTHING dies.

Status Changes: More power (seriously), more defence, little patience.

Magic Changes: White Magic levels 1-3.