Description: He is very much like the Warrior in that he does huge amounts of damage (More than the Warrior) Except he has a very small defence, and very little armour to protect that weakness. The thing about the Monk is that once you get him to about level 7, he does MORE damage bare fisted than when equipped with something. But the main bad point about the Monk is that he gains NO magic after the upgrade.

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Weapons: Nunchucks and Fists. Yeah, you can forget about the nunchucks, you won’t need them.

Magic: None

Pros: Good amount of HP. Extremely good attack. Cheap as chips.

Cons: No magic (even after upgrade) and low defence.

Note: The monk does generally well in Parties with White Mages.

Upgrade: Master

Descriptions: Imagine the monk, right, imagining it? Now imagine him with more attack power. Yep, that’s the master. Plus he looks cooler.

Status Changes: More HP

Magic Changes: No new magic.