Description: As a class goes, with a name like Thief you’d expect SOME relation to thievery, Right? Unfortunately he is a pretty bland character without even a redeeming feature such as ability to steal. The good points of the Thief are pretty much limited to being fast, and being cheap. They aren’t very powerful, and are pretty much only useful after the upgrade.

Weapons: Knives and small swords.

Magic: None

Pros: Very fast, cheap and very good upgrade.

Cons: No magic, and pretty average on every other statistic.

Note: The thief can only truly be gauged as the Ninja, so I should say Ninjas are pretty much suited to any other class, particularly with the Warrior.

Upgrade: Ninja

Descriptions: This bad sucker is better than the Thief in pretty every aspect, He looks better, is faster, stronger, tougher and has magic. He can equip one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Status Changes: Everything is increased.

Magic Changes: Black Magic levels 1-4