Description: This little man serves the purpose of healing your party (a cleric to you D and D’ers, except not as good) he is notoriously weak, and despite this is essential to a parties survival. Due to the large number of undead in the game the white mage with his DIA spell will be extremely useful for these fights.

Weapons: Hammers.

Magic: White magic levels 1-7

Pros: Good for healing and good against the Undead.

Cons: Low HP, Weak defence, Weak power.

Note: There is no party adequately complete without the White Mage, you really must have one.

Upgrade: White Wizard

Descriptions: As the White wizard he is now the greatest white magic force ever. With powerful spells like Holy, it makes him now a match for even the Black mage in terms of sheer power.

Status Changes: Greater magical power, general status increase.

Magic Changes: White magic levels 1-8