FF1 update & FFNet’s future revealed!

Alex SainsSo what if the game is ancient? We still adore it; it was, after all, the start of our obsession. It would seem silly not to update our information on Final Fantasy I, wouldn’t it? The characters (which is effectively ‘Jobs’) page is updated, thanks to one of our hardworking staff members.

Also, as you may know, Final Fantasy Net has future plans to increase it’s already rather large network with sites dedicated to the Kingdom Hearts series and the Grandia series, as well as introducing sites for the future Final Fantasy games (which we are hoping will be Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV!)

Normally we don’t reveal this kind of information so early, but we’re excited about it, so we thought we’d reveal just how exciting it’s going to be around here. These sites might not be up for a good while, but the domains, which shall, for this moment, remain nameless, have been purchased!

Stay tuned!

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