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Final Fantasy X / FF10

Posted by Alex Sains On March - 2 - 2005

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The magical world of Spira is under threat from Sin – an evil entity that unleashes havoc, terror and destruction.

Join Tidus, a heroic blitzball superstar, and Yuna, a courageous girl skilled in the ancient art of summoning, as they embark on an epic quest to defeat Spira’s deadliest enemy.

Only the Final Summoning can defeat Sin and bring peace back to Spira.

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  1. Final Fantasy 12 - News - Final Fantasy Net Said,

    [...] There’s not a huge amount of information on this game yet, but here is a few facts nd figures that will make any fan squirm! Firstly, it appears not only is the new Final Fantasy going to be reverting to the traditional, non-multiplayer game play, but we’re looking at a whole new graphics system using fewer polygons to create smoother textures. However, this isn’t the only treat Square Enix are giving to us, as it appears airships are going to be integral to the game play and that there might be more than one for players to use, thus expanding on FF10 and FF11 many races. Final Fantasy 12 is going to contain a lot more races all with there own languages, whether you have to learn these or not (e.g. Al Bhed) remains to be seen. [...]

    Posted on November 6th, 2005 at 3:14 pm