Recovery Items
Name Description
Antidote Cures Poison
Echo Screen Cures Silence
Elixer Fully restores the HP and MP of a party member
Ether Restores 100 MP of one party member
Eye Drops Cures Darkness
Hi-Potion Restores 1,000 HP to one party member
Holy Water Cures Zombie and Curse
Megalixer Restores the entire party’s HP and MP
Mega Phoenix Revives entire party from K.O.
Mega Potion Restores 2,000 HP to all party members
Phoenix Down Revives one party member from K.O.
Potion Restores 200 HP to a character
Remedy Cures a party member of all status abnormalities
Soft Cures Petrify
Turbo Ether Restores 500 MP to a party member
X-Potion Fully restores HP of a party member