Below you will find the list of Status Effects associated with Final Fantasy X, giving the symptoms aswell as the remedies.

Status Effects
Name Symptoms Recommended treatment
Berserk Increased Strength, but attacks enemies impulsively and uncontrollably Esuna, Remedy
Confusion Attacks Allies indiscriminately Esuna, Remedy, being physically struck
Curse Cannot use Overdrives, Gauge freezes Dispel, Holy Water
Darkness Lowered Accuracy for physical attacks Esuna, Eye Drops, Remedy
Doom Falls unconscious when countdown reaches zero None
Ko Cannot Participate in battle Life, Full-Life, Phoenix Down
Petrification Cannot Participate in battle Esuna, Soft, Remedy
Poison Suffers damage after taking turn (1/4 of total HP per turn) Esuna, Antidote, Remedy
Silence Cannot cast spells Esuna, Echo Screen, Remedy
Sleep Cannot participate in battle Esuna, Remedy, being physically struck
Slow Lower speed, turns come slowly Dispel, Haste
Zombie Takes damage from restorative magic and items. Holy Water, Remedy