The Tarutaru are a race of skilled magic users who call Windurst their home. Although the Tarutaru physically resemble children, their size does not reflect their age. Masters of the magical arts, the Tarutaru have honed their abilities through dutiful study of the world around them.

Their dedication and hard work fueled the rapid reconstruction of Windurst after its destruction in the Crystal War. The Tarutaru enjoy a friendly relationship with the Mithra, who call Windurst their home as well.

Our Verdict:
That’s more like it! A class which is certainly excellent in one area (magic, magic, magic!) while being overtly awful at another (physical combat). In my opinion, this is what is great about Final Fantasy generally. There should be a level of multipurpose uses for a characters, yet though should also have their own niche in which they excel – what fun are all-round characters/races?

They also have the advantage of looking different from the other races – which is undoubtedly in my opinion a key attribute of theirs.